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Gay Salsa

Children - the world must be ready to come to an end. After ages of shunning cha-cha clubs as "too noisy, too smokey, too many cracked out queens, et al." I have gone out to cha-cha at Blowoff last week and Fuego for gay salsa last night. And it was fun!

Salsa was a big deal in grad school and I went to a couple of Salsa nights with my peeps - and it was mainly an excuse to grab some T&A. However gay salsa night was a blast!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

First Jimbo and I had our afternoon pump-up. The scenery was quite good but relatively caveman free. Jimbo and I have spotted a new fave at the gym - he has a salt and pepper look with nice guns and reminds us of our flyhalf who has the voice of the angel and is generally dreamy. This was the third time we have spotted Mr. Salt and Pepper (I think of sex when I see him - he just has that stern toppish look) and he is definitely a member of the tribe. Our prime caveman (who I got to spot last week as he was doing incline bench with 3 45 plates on each side) is more of a sunday regular. Hopefully we will see him today.

So Jimbo filled me in on the Costa Rica drama and we gossiped about the DC homo scene. A nice workout was had as well.

Jimbo and I parted ways at the circle and then I zipped home and quickly talked with ATL Kiki whose grandmother is in the hosptial - best wishes on a speedy recovery Mom!!! (Mom is what ATL kiki calls his grandmother). Then Bubba and I skipped over to Chaka's house for a ride out to Alexadria (by way of Glover Park to pick up the Young Lovers). Chaka always has adventurous fashion that he pulls off flawlessly. Last night was money jeans, a tight and bold striped shirt (lots of blues and light purples and whites) with a western cut under a deep chocolate V neck merino wool sweater. The Young Lovers were flush from their V-Day dinner the night before and several rounds of desert and their radiant post-coital look was charming. We all car-pooled out to the burbs to see Butch and the Colonel for a B-Day dinner party. Butch always has a great bar so my inner promise to not get cocktailed went right out the window when I found lime juice and triple sec and a vat of vodka and cranberry. Butch and I went to pick up Clayzilla from the metro and with cocktails in go cups - Clayzilla filled us in on yet another interesting date - this one had a sling. He has got some great stories!!! We made a bunch o' cosmos and everyone got really chatty. I'm sure the Colonel is probably highly pissed as his floor is sticky today - I'm a sloppy cosmo maker. Miss Moon was there, stag, and looked fab in tight jeans (great box honey) and a fab little sweater - El Gordo was on the red-eye back from a Cali adventure. Butch and I squeezed in a little DOA4 on Xbox before Chaka was tapping his watch and the taxi was leaving for gay salsa.

Now I was really not sure about this gay salsa thing- it was like my anxiety about Blowoff. But I figured WTF and Bubba was game too (he likes to dance much more than I do). So we got there, slammed a few beers and then cha-cha-ed until close. Between the food, drinks, more drinks and dancing - the wheels fell off the wagon around 1:30am but a good time was had by all - I had to go to the gym this morning for bike ride and sauna to sweat out some of the toxins. I would definitely do it again - although when sober, it might be a bit loud and crowded. If looking for something a bit different - round up your peeps and roll out for some salsa.

Helpful GeneQueen hint: Make sure to have pre-flight before or get your cocktail on going before - Coronas were SIX BUCKS EACH at the bar.


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