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Social fiesta

Hey all...

Damn if I am not socialized! I got up at 7am. Blogging and some web action early on. Then I scrubbed the floors and did tons of housework. I love my new floor scrub - organic and it still smells money. After my Cinderalla routine, a little laundry and some Star Wars (Bubba was out in Bowie for the day).

Jimbo and I had a nice workout and din-din at Cosi (necessary carbs to get me through the night). Then, I had to catch up with the rugby bitches for pub crawl. Cobalt, JRs, Stoneys, Halo and Titan. Momma is now tired. We met Mike at Titan, MONEY, and drug him to Jimbo's lair for pre-Blowoff. Bubba is out with the crowd at Blowoff. I had to come home and walk the pooch and pack for skiing with Delicate Flower tomorrow. We will be up in Kinsey -1's neck of the woods for some fantastic spring skiing. A rare treat in the East so late in the year. Tahoe is perfect right now - I can only hope for something like that. Skiing in mid-March in the East must be done on the drop on a hat.

The pub crawl was good times. Very good times. Big box Andy was looking fetching as always. Bubba is totally hammered. And I am the first home. Kids, this is a rare event. Jesus must be coming soon. Hope all had a good weekend!


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